Welcome to Masuria with Dog!

Masuria with Dog is a place in north-eastern Poland, where you and your dog will rest.

Choose a place for yourself

Masuria with Dog is four independent apartments, each with a fenced plot for you and your dogs.

Masurian Idyll

A spacious, independent apartment for 2-6 people, with two bedrooms, two gardens and a terrace.

  • Atmospheric interiors.
  • 2 bedrooms.
  • Living room with kitchenette.
  • Access to the pond.
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siedlisko wilka mazury z psem

Masurian Climates

Apartment for 2-6 people with veranda for long, warm evenings.

  • 6 beds
  • A private veranda
  • Kitchenette
  • Access to the pond
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Masurian Garden

Apartment for 2-10 people, located in a stylish brick stone building.

  • 10 beds
  • Superior bedroom and additional bedroom in the attic.
  • Big, fenced garden
  • Access to the pond
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Masurian Landscape

A spacious apartment for 5-12 people with a view of the setting sun.

  • 12 beds
  • 2 bedrooms
  • Large living room with a kitchenette
  • Beautiful windows and terrace view
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leszczynowy sad mazury z psem

Hazel Orchard

An intimate apartment for 2-6 people, with a terrace, a fireplace and access to a green garden.

  • 6 beds
  • Separate bedroom
  • Living room with a fireplace and terrace
  • Access to the pond.
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Blueberries Orchard

Romantic apartment for 2-4 people, with two gardens and a terrace.

  • Rustic style
  • Romantic
  • 2 gardens
  • Access to the pond
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Come on holiday with your dog

Masuria with a dog is an offer to spend free time with a dog in Masurian Lake District, in north-eastern Poland. At full ease, with your relatives – friends or family and your dogs, in peace and quiet, surrounded by beautiful masurian nature, among forests, meadows and lakes.

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Take the dog!

We know what it means to go on holiday with two large dogs… Unfortunately, this is almost impossible due to certain conditions. Of course there are a lot of places that “accept animals, but …”, but it is with us that we accept them really.

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Masuria with a dog is a great place that I am always happy to return to. I recommend to all dogs.


This is the coolest place in the world!